Residential Snow Removal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What locations do you service?

We serve sections of Rocky Hill and Wethersfield, CT. We utilize a density-based system, so we only sign up new customers if they are in our current area. This way of snow removal ensures quick response times, however if there is ever an emergency you may call 860-656-7440. Please call or email us to find out if you're on our service routes.

Why is this different from having my driveway plowed?

We use tractor mounted snowblowers to quickly and thoroughly clear the snow from your driveway. We don’t push piles back onto your lawn (risking turf damage) and we don't leave piles at the end of your driveway that block your view of traffic. The snowblowers also have the advantage of handling all amounts of snow from 2”-12” at about the same pace—meaning our rate of service remains mostly unchanged with the severity of the snowstorm. The priority at which we can service your driveway takes all the worry out of the task for you as a homeowner. No more wondering where the plow guy is during those multi-day Nor’easters.

What is a seasonal contract and why is this the only way we can use Scenic Landscaping?

The idea of our snow business is to establish a “fixed” price service to residential clients. This allows you to keep your household budgets level from year to year. In order to provide this fixed price we need to fix our costs. We do that by investing in technology (tractors, snowblowers and customer communication software used exclusively for this service) and paying our tractor drivers competitive wages. Snow or no snow our costs only fluctuate by a few percent. If we were to offer per visit billing in no snow winters we could not afford our equipment or our crew, and in high snow winters our clients could not afford the rates we would have to charge to cover our equipment expenses incurred in the light snow season. By owning technology that can handle snow in almost any quantity with very little variance in the time it takes to complete the task we can provide you budget stability in seasons from zero snow to snowmageddon—Remember the last few winters?

How often will my driveway be cleared?

We normally begin our route at 2″ of snow. We will work with any storm to make sure your driveway is clear when you need it most. There is no favoritism in our routing, simple geography is the deciding factor in how we service your driveways. Increasing the number of driveways in your neighborhood is the best way to insure the fastest service.

What if there are vehicles parked in the way or the city re-plows the street and blocks in our driveway?

When the tractors come to your house they will service as much of the driveway as they can safely access. You must remove all cars and keep them moved until we complete our clearing operation. If the cars remain unmoved we will clear all remaining accessible snow. Should you require additional service when you move the car and you call us, we will charge a return fee to make this service call and we will perform this work on our schedule. If the town plows the street and fills the driveway apron after we have cleared it, simply call our office and we will provide one free return visit to clear the apron of your driveway on our schedule.

What time will my driveway be cleared?

It all depends on when the storm starts and when it ends. If the snow has stopped falling by 12AM the driveways will normally be clear by 8AM (at least a first pass to allow passage of vehicles). In the event of a continuous snow storm throughout the day we would pass back through the entire route insuring easy passage back into your drive after work. The snow doesn’t always fit the complete by 12AM schedule—if it stops snowing at 6AM we won’t have the driveways cleared by 8AM—neither will the town have cleared all the neighborhood streets.

Do you have a seasonal snowfall limit? And, what is your policy once this limit is reached?

Yes, our contract will cover you for service up to 60" (5 Ft) of snow for the season. We reserve the right to invoke a surcharge for accumulations in excess of this limit. The surcharge is a flat rate and represents an amount which is proportionate to the contract amount already charged and the amount of excess accumulation received. Our seasonal snowfall average is 40.5" as documented by the National Weather Service. Scenic Landscaping subscribes to a paid weather service which documents all weather conditions and winter storms. All snow and ice events, timing & totals are certified by the nation's leading source for snow & ice verification and are always available when requested.

Do you offer shoveling?

We offer shoveling services for city / town sidewalks with limited availability. These services are offered in a limited capacity and are billed up front for the season in addition to your driveway price. These shoveling crews are separate than our tractor crews and are completed at different times with different machinery. All shoveling will be completed within 24 hours of a storm ending.

We no longer offer shoveling services of front door walkways and in front of the garage due to labor shortages and staff constraints. This is a choice we have made in order to maintain our strong reputation in the community for the reliable driveway services that we provide.

If you would like to get onto our city sidewalk shoveling list please be sure to call no later than September 15th to order service. Otherwise, we may no longer have availability and will gladly put you on a waiting list for the following season.

What if there is an emergency and the city plow has blocked me in?

In the event of an emergency please call our office at 860-656-7440 and we will dispatch someone to your location.

What discounts can I get?

For every neighbor you refer to us who signs up you'll receive a $25 credit off your driveway service. When you refer 5 people on your street who sign up for service you'll receive 50% off your driveway service.

Are you insured?

Yes, all of our following policies consist of a minimum of 1 Million Dollar coverage: General Liability, Workman’s Compensation, Umbrella, and Automobile (tractors are treated as vehicles).

What methods of payment do you accept?

Check, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover