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Are you a home or business owner who’s looking to make your garden pop this summer? Look no further than Scenic Landscaping to supply you with the mulch that you need to complete the job. Mulch has many benefits to the soil in your garden. Mulch helps reduce weeds, prevents loss of water from your soil, can help prevent disease in your plants and adds beauty to your landscape. With different colors and textures available, you can totally transform your landscape into something amazing.

When Should I Mulch My Landscape?

The optimal time to add mulch to your garden is right after planting, in the early spring. Your plants will just be starting to grow and the summer’s weeds have not yet been able to germinate, thus cutting down on the population of weeds in your garden. During the winter months, having mulch in your garden will help insulate your soil, which will help minimize frost damage from the snow. If you’re using organic mulch, it should only be replaced once it is decomposing.

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