Commercial Landscaping Services in Rocky Hill, CT

Commercial landscaping involves planning, designing, installation, and ongoing maintenance to help with transforming outdoor business spaces. Commercial landscapes can help draw in more curb appeal, attract more clients to the business and create an inviting atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.

Commercial landscapes can vary from maintaining residential landscaping properties. Commercial landscapers with Scenic Landscaping can help you plan and install a workplace front that can transform any space, big or small.

The professionals at Scenic Landscaping & Property Maintenance LLC are here to serve the Rocky Hill, CT area with the finest in commercial landscaping for any company property! 

Some of the the services we provide include:

Unattractive commercial landscaping
Can give customers, clients or even passerby’s the wrong impression

Studies have shown that maintaining landscapes can improve productivity, increase business and property values.

When you are representing your business, you want the exterior to look as appealing as possible for current and future customers. Outside of your company’s building, the landscape should look just as clean and organized. 


Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawns can take a beating in commercial spaces where foot traffic is plentiful. Creating a beautiful landscape means regular commercial lawn maintenance services to help keep surrounding areas clean and groomed. Regular mowing, trimming, and edging keep your lawn healthy and prevent weed encroachment. Mowing a lawn is somewhat straightforward, but for commercial properties can be a huge undertaking for property owners who are often busy.

Lawn care maintenance professionals can help remove the burden and provide superior services that help increase value of commercial properties. Additionally, lawn care isn’t limited to mowing and trimming. Routine maintenance can also include other services such as:

  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Weed Control

We can assist Rocky Hill commercial properties oversee routine lawn maintenance and commercial landscaping services. Select from weekly or bi-weekly services and give us a call today to schedule directly at (860) 656-7440.

Seasonal Cleanup &

Other Commercial Landscape Tasks

Spring and fall cleaning for commercial spaces is especially important. They provide opportunity for commercial spaces to thrive with plant growth, curb appeal, and easy maintenance care. During the grow season, commercial property owners should consider how to prepare commercial spaces for better landscape visuals.

Some tasks for Spring Commercial Landscape Clean-Ups:

  • Removing refuse or debris
  • Preparing grounds for new plantings including trees, flowers, bushes, etc
  • Pest and weed control
  • Pruning shrubs
  • Old mulch removal and new installation

Additionally, preparing grounds for the onset of winter, especially in areas like Rocky Hill can help ensure that there are no issues with commercial needs and access points. If you take full advantage of our Fall commercial landscape maintenance services, dead leaves, debris, dead grass, and other litter can help ensure you have no issues before winter season.


Lawn Mowing

Regular mowing, string trimming, edging, and other maintenance keep your lawn healthy by removing excess grass and allowing water, sunlight, and nutrients to reach the soil and roots. It can also help to control weeds by removing the tops of weed plants before they have a chance to flower and spread.

Mulch Removal & Installation

It’s important to address mulch needs early in the year as it can smother growing perennials that are vital for unique commercial spaces. In the Spring, removing layers of mulch can help encourage garden and flower health. As the warm weather progresses, it’s not a bad idea to apply fresh mulch to suppress weeds and conserve water.

Scenic Landscaping is a provider of quality mulch. We can help with commercial landscape maintenance and mulch services.

Pruning Shrubs & Removal

With professional commercial landscaping, shrub pruning should be an essential service. Winter can kill significant portions of the shrubs on your property. Pruning shrubs old, dead wood, removing limbs or branches, can help encourage faster growth.

As mentioned, taking care of overgrowth is vital to keeping commercial spaces well maintained for the public.

Pest & Weed Control

Healthy commercial landscapes are our goal. With the emergence of warmer months, most Rocky Hill commercial properties are excited to see lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, and other plantings come back to life. With new life, however, the realities of pests and weeds can quickly take over without proper commercial landscape maintenance in place.

Landscape fabric and mulch work well in garden beds, but it’s difficult to say the same for lawns and other larger plantings. Working with pest and weed control experts can help eliminate the headache of losing certain aspects of your well-designed commercial property.

Best Services for

Landscape Installation & Renovation

Commercial landscapes come in different shapes and sizes. Our expert commercial landscape company goes beyond regularly schedule maintenance projects and services. Our work extends to larger overhauls and renovations, too.

Having proper landscape tools and access points for business properties can help increase business prospects and overall value. If you’re looking to innovate and redesign an existing business property, our landscape installation services might help you achieve that.

Our landscape renovation projects include services such as:

From simply reseeding patchy lawn areas to a full-blown landscaping makeover, we have the resources to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

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