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Are you a home or business owner who’s looking to make your landscaping pop this season? Look no further than Scenic Landscaping to supply you with the mulch that you need to complete the job.

As a property owner, you may have invested quite a bit of money and effort into your landscaping. This is why you want to ensure that your flower beds, shrubs, and trees remain healthy throughout the spring and summer months and into the cold winter season. The best way to ensure proper care of these vital landscaping features is to protect them against the harsh Connecticut seasons by applying mulch to your landscape. This can help both commercial and residential properties.

Key Benefits of

Mulch for Landscaping

Mulch has many benefits to your home or business’ property. Mulch is the quiet workhorse of the garden. It helps plants by holding moisture in the soil and preventing erosion. There are many other benefits of mulch, especially long term.

What are the key benefits of mulch for landscaping? There are numerous reasons you should consider adding mulch, including:

With different colors and textures available, you can totally transform your landscape into something amazing.

When Should I Mulch My Landscape?

The optimal time to add mulch to your garden is right after planting, in the early spring. Your plants will just be starting to grow and the summer’s weeds have not yet been able to germinate, thus cutting down on the population of weeds in your garden.

During the winter months, having mulch in your garden will help insulate your soil, which will help minimize frost damage from the snow. If you’re using organic mulch, it should only be replaced once it is decomposing.

Scenic Landscaping: Mulch Supplier & Installer

Bring your landscaping dreams to life today! We utilize high quality much that will add a beautiful aspect to your landscape while still providing protection for your shrubs, trees, and flower beds from seasonal elements by promoting a healthy environment. We install mulch that is 100% natural.

Our expert landscapers install mulch throughout Central Connecticut. Call Scenic Landscaping today to get on our mulch installation schedule!