Patio Installation


Patios provide a variety of benefits for homeowners. In addition to adding comfort and space for entertaining, patios can also be multifunctional, which increases the overall market value of a home. Scenic Landscaping provides expert and functional patio setups. Contact us directly by calling (860) 656-7440 to find out more about our patio installation Rocky Hill CT services. 


Installing a patio is a process that, while relatively easy, often requires a fair amount of work. In order for a patio to be built and installed, there are several key steps that must be taken. This process consists of:

  • choosing the materials for the patio
  • preparing the site for the patio
  • patio construction

Here are some tips to consider before seeking patio installation Rocky Hill CT services.

Determine the purpose for the patio

Decide the overall function of the patio. Consider where you’d like to place the patio, what the space will require, how you’d like to use it, and what types of materials would work best. Of course, expert patio installers can help you determine the best process to achieve what you envision for your Rocky Hill home. 

Plan for your new patio

During the installation process, homeowners should account for logistics and preparations. Get an idea of size by adding various markings using wooden stakes and some string. Visualizing your patio before installation begins can help save time and money in the long-run.  

Expert Patio Installation Rocky Hill CT

Scenic Landscaping offers expert patio installation for Rocky Hill homeowners. We utilize quality materials and provide guidance before, during, and after construction. Our professional patio installation crew has built a wide variety of patios using different materials including:

  • Concrete
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Stone

Custom Patio Design

Consider custom designs for your patio installation. Often, homeowners will request a new patio for their home, but may not know the best resources to help determine the best use of the given space. Our expertise and guidance can help you make a customized patio design, that’s prepared for everything including landscape drainage, that you will enjoy for years to come.

Our dedicated patio installation and design team works with both residential and commercial customers, one-on-one, to help customize patios that will fit shape, style, and function—ask us how. Since 2008, we have been providing various landscaping services and can provide quality work that’s unmatched by the competition.

Patio Installation Benefits

Most patios offer a return on investment to residential homeowners and commercial properties. Our patio installation Rocky Hill CT services can enhance the overall curb appeal and provide a full-blown makeover to the space. There are other patio installation benefits, as well, including:


Patios are lovely spaces that make it easy to experience the outdoors in a very comfortable manner. You also have the chance to entertain guests with functional barbecues, and holiday get togethers. Check out some of our patio installation Rocky Hill CT portfolio items here

On the other hand, for homeowners intent on selling their home, patio installation increases the overall market value of your home by an average of 12.4%. Because of this, installing a patio is a wonderful investment that provides an excellent return.


Every patio serves the same basic purpose, which is that of being an outdoor space that serves as an extension of your home, but most patios are a little different from one another. These differences come from the materials that the patio is built out of, the aesthetics of the patio, as well as the size of the patio.

Paver patios can be expensive, but they require very little maintenance and they have an aesthetic charm that, while very simple, looks nice.

For people who don’t mind a little maintenance, brick patios are lovely. Much of this is due to the fact that bricks come in many different colors — pink, gray, brown, black, tan (among other colors) — which gives a patio a nice and colorful aesthetic. But, along with that, brick patios tend to be cheaper than paver patios, which makes them ideal for patios that need to encompass a larger space.

Flagstone patios are known for having a distinct aesthetic that evokes the sense of being out in nature. Much of this aesthetic comes from the fact that flagstones, unlike bricks and pavers, have no repeated designs. Instead, each flagstone has its own unique shape, which gives the patio a very unique look. Along with that, flagstone patios are some of the most durable patios around, due to the strength of the flagstones that comprise the patio

Paver patios, brick patios, and flagstone patios are just three examples of the patios that Scenic Landscaping can build and install for you. If you are looking to give your home a nice patio, then contact us today and we’ll begin working with you.

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