Landscaping In Glastonbury, CT

Scenic Landscaping offers services that incorporate both climate and soil conditions of the area. Because we live and work in the Connecticut area, we are familiar with the weather and soil challenges of the town.

Curb appeal increases your home’s resale value by thousands of dollars. Whether you are planning to sell or you just want to spruce up the exterior of your residential or business property, Scenic Landscaping can help in places like Glastonbury, CT.

With the help of our experienced hardscape installation staff, you can transform that boring backyard into an exciting outdoor living space. Our hardscaping and patio installation services in Glastonbury, CT have creative, custom design plans you need to see.

  • Besides increasing the property value, hardscaping provides an attractive and enjoyable exterior living space. 
  • Hardscaping reduces waste areas and transforms unattractive or unused space into visually interesting surroundings.
  • Hardscaped space is less of a hassle and environmentally friendly.

Thoughtfully hardscaped property adds privacy and greater accessibility for owners.

Hardscaping Plans

Memorable hardscaping doesn’t happen by accident. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know this. Not having a well-thought-out plan is a major hardscaping mistake. Constructing in a haphazard fashion and at different times makes patio installations look uneven and disorganized. 

A hardscaping company like Scenic Landscaping in Glastonbury, CT will draw up a plan based on your wants and needs. You may even decide you want to save some money by making patio installation a do-it-yourself project following the professional plan Scenic Landscaping creates for you.

Enhancing Your Property

There are many reasons for hiring a hardscaping company. We can enhance your business or residential property by adding quaint, well-kept walkways, outdoor patios, blooming plants, shrubs, and decorative trees. Make your location a showplace every season of the year.

Building a Welcoming Space

We can create cozy outdoor spaces that will offer quiet relaxation and welcoming havens for friends, neighbors, and family. Our knowledgeable hardscape professionals will construct outdoor patios, bar and kitchen spaces, seating areas, and poolside living space. Whether you are entertaining or relaxing as a family, these outdoor facilities are very popular.

Important Pre Planning Aspects Of Hardscaping

With the help of your hardscaping professionals, you need to consider several things before deciding what to build, where, and when.

The size, shape, and topography of your residential or business property are important. These factors will determine how much to build, and where to locate it.

Another factor is the climate of your area. Some materials will not last in climates with extremes of dry/wet, or climates that see sharp temperature changes.

Do you have favorite flowers, shrubs, or trees you want to be included in your yard plan?

Think about how many people will be using your yard and for what activities.

Do you have an idea for a theme like an brick patio or gravel? Do you want a center of interest?

How will your hardscaping work for you? Do you want a cooking area? Is your hardscaping part of aromatherapy or an aesthetic pleasure of color?

What To Expect From Scenic Landscaping

Our company offers a variety of hardscaping services. These include:

Design plans for hardscaping your space

Whether commercial or residential property, our trained hardscape designers strive to balance function and aesthetics. Much thought goes into custom designs that incorporate natural features to create a finished product that is unique, stylish, enduring and low maintenance.

Patio installation

Our patio installation specialists in Glastonbury have many unique ideas for enhancing your patio to make it an entertainment center of your home or business. Consider such features as intimate seating areas, a fireplace, special lighting, an outdoor cooking or bar area, water features for white noise, special wall forms, or trees and planters.

Pool deck installation

Let us transform that boring pool deck into a spectacular entertainment area. We can add both above-ground and underwater light features, stone walkways, a rock garden or waterfall feature, garden planters, ornamental grass borders, or accent trees and shrubs.

Paths and sidewalks

Paths and walkways enhance the visual appeal of your landscaping. They make the grounds more accessible. Our walkway specialists are adept at installing materials like stamped concrete, stone, brick, pavers, or gravel.

Support wall construction

Built of wood, stone, soil slopes, or concrete, retaining walls add levels or a flat landscape. They may contour from a lower to a higher area, or keep soil from eroding. While serving a function, these support walls can also add interest and beauty.


Hardscape Installation

Our company’s experienced technicians design and install eye-catching outdoor hardscapes guaranteed to be memorable. Our designs enhance your property’s environment with organic and manufactured. Our hardscapes bring new life to your outdoor living space. No property is too large or small to become even more enjoyable.

Our Glastonbury hardscape specialties include:

  • Gazebos
  • Hardscape design
  • Hardscape installation
  • Patio installation
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Retaining walls
  • Driveways
  • Walkways 

Patio Installation

Scenic Landscaping provide Glastonbury patio installation, as well. Transform any space into the ultimate outdoor living area. Patios are fun, versatile, and a great way to find value in your home. Need help planning? No sweat, we can help provide clarity on how to design, install, and get the best use out of your outdoor space. Consider what types of patios work best for your Glastonbury home. Here are some popular types of patios:

  • Paver Patios
  • Brick Patios
  • Flagstone Patios
  • Gravel Patios
  • Slate Patios
  • Concrete Patios

We specialize in overseeing patio installation from beginning to end. We can provide feedback on best materials for your style and price range. In addition, we can provide guidance for most effectively utilizing the existing space.

Benefits of Patios for your Connecticut Home

There are many reasons to consider a patio for your Rock Hill home, but most center around the return on investment. For various other reasons consider the following:

  • Personalizes your home
  • Increase value of your home
  • Decreased yard maintenance
  • Relaxation
  • Focal point for landscaping
  • Great for entertaining

To learn more about our Glastonbury patio installation services go here.

When we create a hardscape, we use a wide range of extraordinary products.

These differ widely in shape, color, and texture. Our raw materials include stone, boulders, pavers, brick, blocks, slabs, railroad ties, veneers, and found objects.  

New planting, bedding areas

If your garden areas have fallen into disrepair, let our horticulture specialists suggest hardy, colorful, low-maintenance perennials.

Lawn installation and renovation

Whether you are starting a new lawn or reclaiming an existing one, our landscape specialists can seed and sod problem areas to create a smooth, rolling green space.

Privacy hedges

Where properties are close together, privacy hedges can add both isolation and aesthetics to both properties.


Our masonry specialists are experienced at providing stonework construction and restoration. We can transform an outdoor patio space using feature walls, retaining walls, pillars, or custom countertops for your outdoor bar or cooking area.

Walkway Installation

In addition to patios, retaining walls, and other hardscaping elements, we are also experts in walkway installation. A beautiful walkway can add more curb appeal, and therefore, increased value to your home. After all, your walkway comes even before the entry to your home and can help to bolster a fantastic first impression.

There are many different types of walkways to choose from. Here at Scenic Landscaping, we can help you figure out what size, style, and material you want for your walkway installation and cater the construction specifically to your home. We can install many different types of walkways, including:

  • Paver walkways
  • Gravel walkways
  • Stepping stone walkways
  • Patterned paver walkways

Walkways can enhance your already spectacular landscaping, or simply add a subtle touch of elegance to a front or backyard.


How We Can Help

Scenic Landscaping is committed to providing you with top-of-the-line, quality service custom to your needs and budget. If you aren’t sure where to begin, we’re happy to have a consultation with you to design the best walkway for your home. On the other hand, you already have a design in mind for your walkway, we are happy and able to execute your vision. Give us a call today to find out how the experts at Scenic Landscaping can execute a flawless walkway installation for your property.

Scenic Landscaping Serving The Glastonbury, CT Area

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