Landscaping West Hartford CT

Are you in the West Hartford area and looking to transform your outdoor space into a space of extraordinary outdoor beauty and peace?

At Scenic Landscaping, we will take your landscaping dreams and turn them into a reality. Our landscaping services in West Hartford, CT that we offer allow for your dreams to turn into designs, which will then turn into new landscapes that fulfill your landscaping desires!

We specialize in landscape design for new landscaping installations, patio installations, walkway installations and landscape renovations in West Hartford, CT and other surrounding areas. 

Landscape Design Services

At Scenic Landscaping, we offer a wide assortment of landscape design services in West Hartford. Whether it’s renovating an old and run-down landscape or designing a beautiful and ornate landscape within your backyard – among so many other possibilities – Scenic Landscaping is able to help!

Every single one of these services pertains to a specific facet of landscape design. By working with Scenic Landscaping, we will figure out the services that you need, to create the outdoor landscape that you desire, and then we will design your outdoor landscape to your exact specifications.

The specific services that Scenic Landscaping offers for the West Hartford, CT area are numerous and varied. But, some of our most popular and notable services are: 

A beautiful outdoor landscape offers many unique benefits. One of the most notable benefits that a beautiful outdoor landscape offers is, of course, economic; high-quality landscaping can add up to fourteen-percent to the resale value of a home or commercial space. But, along with that, a beautiful outdoor landscape offers a plethora of benefits that go beyond the economic. Many recent cognitive studies have demonstrated that when you spend time somewhere safe, in nature, your blood pressure will lessen, stress will reduce, your self-esteem will improve, your immune system will strengthen, and your mood will improve; among many other benefits.

The act of investing in a beautiful outdoor landscape won’t just improve the economic value of your home or commercial space, but your health and overall happiness.

You can hire us for any of these services regardless of whether you need landscape design for your home, a commercial space, landscape renovations, updates to outdoor landscapes, or a new outdoor landscape in its entirety.

Patio Installation West Hartford, CT

Are you looking to add something more to your outdoor space? What better way to add some intrigue than a brand new custom patio?

Adding a patio to your property has plenty of benefits, including:

  • Creates a new space for entertaining
  • Adds value to your home
  • Adds a brand new space to your house!

Patio installation can be a virtually painless process when you have the right people for the job. Whether you’re looking for a patio that’s big or small, made of bricks or paver stones, elevated or level with the ground, Scenic Landscaping can help.

Scenic Landscaping has extensive experience with landscaping and hardscaping, including patio installation, in the West Hartford, CT area. Contact Scenic Landscaping today to find out how our experienced professionals can help you achieve the patio of your dreams. 

Commercial Landscaping West Hartford, CT

A commercial space will benefit greatly from a beautiful outdoor landscape. But, in order for these benefits to remain in effect, the landscape must be properly maintained with regularity. The landscape services that Scenic Landscaping offers for commercial spaces are aligned specific needs.

Some of our services that Scenic Landscaping offers for commercial spaces in the West Hartford, CT area are:

  • Designing and installing pathways and sidewalks
  • Lawn installation
  • Hardscape installation
  • Hardscape repair

Each one of these services allows the beautiful outdoor landscape within your commercial space to be in tip-top shape at all times.  

Residential Landscaping West Hartford, CT

Just as the beautiful outdoor landscapes within commercial spaces must be maintained with regularity, so must the beautiful outdoor landscapes found within and around homes. To ensure that those beautiful outdoor landscapes remain as beautiful as they can be, Scenic Landscaping offers a plethora of services specifically for homes and their outdoor landscapes.

Noteworthy landscape services through Scenic Landscaping offers for homes in the West Hartford, CT a better way to:

  • Enjoy your yard
  • Eliminate the hassle of continued upkeep
  • Increases the value of the home

Each one of these services contributes to the beautiful outdoor landscape that serves as part of your home. 

Scenic Landscaping
Serving West Hartford, CT

For the past fifteen years, Scenic Landscaping has been providing affordable and effective landscaping services for both homes and commercial spaces. We work with the best people around to design and maintain a landscape that fulfills every single one of your needs.

If you live in the West Hartford, CT area and are ready for an outdoor landscape, or upgrades and hardscapes for a pre-existing landscape, then contact us today and get your free estimate!