Yard Maintenance Rocky Hill CT

Yard Maintenance Services in Rocky Hill CT

No matter the sophistication of a house’s architecture, it becomes less attractive when yard neglect creates issues. The same can be said for Rocky Hill commercial properties. The yard creates a natural touch to improve the aesthetics of the building and adds monetary value to the property. Plus proper yard maintenance may mean other aspects of a property can also begin to thrive. Regardless of the weather, every house with a yard needs proper maintenance. It allows the residents to bond with nature, stay balanced, relieve stress, and gain energy. 

Generally, the misconception about yard maintenance is that only the people the society considers rich can afford to have and enjoy the benefits of a quality yard. Well, Scenic Landscaping begs to differ. We offer several maintenance services to get yards of residential and commercial properties in Rock Hill, CT, to an optimum condition.

We tailor our experience in lawn care to offer services and get you what you need without burdening your pockets. Here are some yard maintenance services we offer: 


Lawn Care & Maintenance

Rocky Hill lawn care and ongoing maintenance is important to keep the property looking great and functioning properly. Without proper care and maintenance, a lawn may begin to show signs of neglect, impacting curb appeal and may eventually lead to larger issues with overall landscaping health. The lawn forms a carpet for the landscape to enhance the beauty of your yard. But grasses are one of the toughest to maintain – it takes weekly commitment to ensure the lawns receive necessary care. Our experts offer lawn maintenance services to keep your grass fresh and healthy all week. Some include:


Weeds make the grass coarse and the soil sick. We pay close attention and implement our experiences to control and overcome the weeds, so they do not seed.

Lawn Mowing Services

Mowing your grass is an essential operation that, if done the wrong way, can tamper with the aesthetics of your lawn. The mowing frequency varies per season to keep the grasses growing below 6 cm. We have the right machines and techniques to know when and how to cut your grass evenly and improve your lawn’s look and health.


Light watering the grass with a sprinkler system is another maintenance service to attempt. Instead of copious yard flooding after long intervals, sprinklers are better irrigation options. 

Dressing Residential Lawn

Scraping and clearing out hard crust keeps the yard in better condition. We understand the best practice of loosening, aerating, and fertilizing the soil with the right proportion of compost before dressing the lawn. 


Shrub Maintenance

Shrubs can range from small to medium sizes to impose a feel of pleasantness on the walkways and other hardscape areas of your yard. From flowery and long-lasting blossoms like the hydrangeas or plants like the boxwood or arborvitae for their lush greenery, the shrubs add color, texture, and structure to your lawn. At scenic landscaping, we choose the appropriate shrub maintenance practice to best suit your climate and ensure that shrubs appear evergreen and healthily thrive in every condition. 


For proper maintenance and development of the strength and structure of young trees, pruning is essential. Most people overlook it until overgrown vine beings take down what was once a beautiful yard. Remember that pruning your trees and removing the broken and dead branches helps them avoid rubbing against each other. It prepares the yard for the weather. 

Depending on when your yard’s shrubs and trees bloom, late winter or early spring are the periods of the most pruning. After the winter’s snow and the ice in late winter, you need to eliminate the broken or badly disfigured branches. It improves their overall health and longevity.

Unwanted branches on the evergreen shrubs and trees need removal to keep your landscaping looking fresh and thin out. Our experts already know the specific trees that don’t need regular pruning. We look forward to the safest and best possible results using the right tools and pole saws to prune small branches high up large trees. 

Lawn Aeration

Growing plants need enough air and water to develop deep roots and prevent dry spots and water runoff. Our aeration process perforates the soil and removes the lawn plugs to allow water, fertilizers, and air to reach the root. Aeration frequency can depend on the soil type, but doing so in its peak growing period helps it recover quickly.  

Lawn dethatching 

Thatching is inevitable, but we can help prevent the severity with appropriate yard maintenance. Some problems thatching causes include:

  • Creating a barrier to prevent air, nutrients, and water from reaching the soil base. 

  • Increasing infestations and diseases.

The build-up of dead organic matter and excessive roots or stems of thatch forms spongy layers and disturb the mowing process. The guidelines we induce when dethatching are:

  • Keeping high nitrogen fertilizers from the soil.

  • Avoid overwatering the grass and forming the risk of fungal issues.

  • Avoid unnecessary use of pesticides that can affect the worm’s presence.  

Spring and Winter Yard Preparation

Our regular, year-round yard maintenance ensures your yard looks good regardless of the season. We offer to do the heavy lifting of yard maintenance and get it to look good even in the dead of winter. For us, it’s about proper preparation and doing the right things at the right time to induce healthy lawns and thriving landscapes.

Here’s how we prepare your yard for spring and winter:

  • Test the soil to know what’s lacking

  • Test the irrigation system

  • Prune trees and shrubs 

  • Remove yard debris and leaves to minimize pests and diseases

  • Eliminate weeds and treat the lawn early

  • Make hardscape installations and repairs 


Several lawn experts may recommend fertilization at least twice a year. But to say the least, supplying nutrients to the soil every six to eight weeks is a better way to ensure proper maintenance. Although the initial price of the application may seem high, getting consistent fertilization service at intervals can help to save money. The type and application of fertilizer may also vary based on the soil composition. 

For proper yard maintenance, also consider yard spring cleaning tips

Scenic Landscaping Yard Maintenance

At Scenic Landscaping, we focus on deriving the best practice to maintain and improve the quality of health and appearance of the lawn. Depending on your demand, we offer fertilization services in spring and fall to supply nutrients to the soil deficiencies. Providing the same nutrient quality and value to the lawn at timed intervals keeps it in constant top condition. Therefore, the subsequent application focuses on the maintenance and less on rejuvenation. Contact us directly to schedule a time to get an estimate.