Yard Spring Clean Up

Spring Yard Cleanup

Backyards are a lot more important than we give them credit for. When it’s a hot summer’s day, there is nothing better than sitting out in your yard, soaking up the rays, and spending time with family and friends. Doing this is so much nicer when the yard is clean and tidy. Yard spring clean up can help prepare your yard for the summer months ahead. 

What a lot of people don’t realize is that getting your yard ready for the spring/summer is not something that you can do overnight. This is a process that has to begin months in advance. Especially if you want your yard prepped and ready for entertainment. In fact, preparing your yard for the summer should begin the winter before. 

If you are new to residential landscaping maintenance, then you likely want to know everything that you can about how to prepare your yard for the warm weather. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at everything you need to know about a yard spring clean up.

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What Does Yard Spring Cleaning Involve?

First, let’s take a look at what yard spring clean up involves. Spring cleaning your yard is something that you can do yourself, however, most of the time it is best to employ a professional. In theory, cleaning your yard might seem like a simple task. But, if you want to maintain your yard properly, it’s important to understand the different tasks required like dethatching or when you need to install landscape drainage

Yard spring cleaning includes a number of different tasks, but most companies will include some of the following:

  • Clearing fallen branches, leaves, and debris. 
  • Mowing the grass, and redefining lawn borders. 
  • Re-planting damaged areas of your lawn.

  • Cleaning garden and flower beds, as well as repairing flower beds where necessary. 

  • Aeration
  • Pruning shrubs and trees as and when necessary. 

  • Dethatching

Of course, this isn’t exclusive to all clean-up companies, and many will include additional services in their fee. For example, one option that Scenic Landscaping LLC offers is weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing. So, you can really tailor your spring yard cleaning to suit your needs, and you can speak to the experts to design a plan that suits your yard.

Why Is It Important to Complete Yard Maintenance Before Spring?

If you want to ensure that your yard always looks pretty and tidy, then maintenance is incredibly important. As we have said, one thing that a lot of people do not appreciate is that keeping your yard tidy, and ensuring everything grows healthily is a year-round job. You cannot simply put in the effort right before spring, and hope that your garden will turn out healthy and happy because this will not work. 

It is essential to complete yard maintenance before spring, otherwise you will not have a nice, tidy garden when spring comes around. Most yards are made up primarily of lawn, and the grass that grows on your lawn operates the same as any plant. This means that seeds have to be planted, and then time and care has to be taken to ensure that they grow healthily. So, if you have gaps in your lawn, seeds will have to be replanted months in advance to ensure that they are filled for spring. So it is important that you complete yard maintenance ahead of spring because it takes time. 

Yard Spring Clean-Up Services

No matter whether you are planting grass seed, plants, or flowers in your yard, you will need to prepare your yard for planting. There are a number of stages required to get your yard to this stage, but thankfully most landscaping companies will do all the work for you. For example, our professional Rocky Hill landscapers offer both fall clean-ups and spring clean-ups to ensure that your yard is clear of anything that could prevent your plants from growing. Ensuring that when you plant them, they will thrive. 

But, these are just two of the many services that the company offers that will help get your yard ready for the spring. The first stage of preparing your yard for planting is the clean-up. Additionally, it’s generally recommended to restore existing plants. Our landscaping company can help with shrub pruning, brush clearing, and more. 

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Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Spring Time

As we have said, preparing your yard for Spring begins a long time before spring comes around. The most effective way to prepare your yard for the spring is to employ a professional to do the job for you. But, if you are thinking of taking on this large task yourself, here are some tips to help you along the way. 

  • Begin by cleaning away any waste in your yard. Fallen branches, leaves, and debris will inhibit the growth of your yard. So, it is important to clear the space first and foremost. 
  • Keep on top of the lawn. If you have a large lawn of grass, it is critical that you mow it, and that you mow it regularly in order to keep it healthy. 

  • Plant your seeds in the fall, this will give them plenty of time to germinate and grow ready to bloom in the spring and summer. 

But, as we have said, preparing your yard for the spring, and completing the spring clean up is a mammoth task. That is why we would always recommend using a professional. So, if you are in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, check out the many services that Scenic Landscaping LLC offers.

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Schedule Your Landscaping Maintenance Tasks Now

Yard spring clean up is important to overall landscaping maintenance. It can help prepare your grounds for the warmer months ahead. Need assistance with your yard’s maintenance requirements? Scenic Landscaping & Property Maintenance LLC can provide expert services and tailored care for your yard. We proudly provide services to clients throughout the Rocky Hill, CT area. Contact us directly at (860) 656-7440.

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